Every cake is special.

How it all began...

My Grandmother, Ellen, was a magician in the kitchen. From cookies to fudge to pies, cakes and candy. And her Divinity, OMG! It didn't matter when you went by grandma's house, there was always baked goods coming out of the oven. I cherished the times I was able to help Grandma bake. It was mostly watching her put all the ingredients together but occasionally you got to stir the cookie dough. My main duty was to wash the dishes. Grandma always said "A good cook alwayskeeps their work area clean" Something that stays with me to this day.


Fast forward some 30 years and who knew that those times in Grandma's kitchen would lead to my own love for baking and the start of my own business The Cake Man started in 2010 when my average baking skills were challenged with a request for a Wedding Cake. I accepted the challenge with cautious optimism. Rising to the challenge and concurring this opportunity with great success, I set my goals on creating unique custom cakes that would reflect the style and personality of every client.